My Promise to Buyers

Buying or selling a new home can be a stressful experience for most of us. It can signify a major change in our lives, leaving old and familiar lifestyles, to the anticipation of a new and less familiar one.

I work diligently with my clients to find those properties that fit not only their budgets but their lifestyle as well. My 25 years of experience helping people buy and sell in the Coachella Valley offers a unique perspective into most of the communities and can match buyers with available properties. This is important as there is a great deal of difference in the Valley's communities
as far as price point, amenities, demographics and location are concerned.

Keeping you informed during the selection and buying process is vital in soliciting your participation in this process.

 Before you select a Realtor let me show you what I can do for you. I believe you will be glad you did and pleased with the results.


Desert Area Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Your home's listing in the MLS is the most effective marketing tool available. It reaches virtually all of the Area Realtors and is designed to provide online listing information for buyers and Realtors to freely access. Your MLS listing information and photos are automatically sent to Web sites such as, Trulia, and Zillow, which are viewed by buyers worldwide.

I further enhance your MLS listing by providing links directly to your Exclusive Property Web site, where buyers have access to large and compelling photos of your home, as well as a Multimedia Virtual Tour. The large professional photos have proven effective in giving potential buyers a clear and complete picture of your home...and a picture is worth a thousand words!

Yard Signs
A yard sign is the most common marketing tool. They are resources most often used to advertise homes for sale or lease, yet we estimate that less than 25% of our initial contacts (leads), are generated this way because of the many online listing sites available to the general public. The California Association of Realtors notes that 85% of people actively researching homes, start on the Internet. Even so, if our 25% estimate is reasonably correct, yard signs are a "must use" on every listing.

Open Houses
Frequent open houses are also a "must" for getting your listing noticed by prospective buyers. Open houses are where "the rubber meets the road" for buyers. Finally, the opportunity to see first hand the actual home and make assessments as to their budget, needs and desires.

I generally use newspaper ads to publish the open house as that is where buyers look first to see what homes are open for the weekend.

Although I generally advertise your open house, on occasion I will hold "open houses" without newspaper ads... Why do I do this? If an open house is advertised in the newspaper, most buyers and realtors tend not to include a listing from their tour if it doesn't match the general criteria they have established. By removing the flyers from the outside literature box the prospective buyers need to come in to the open house to find out the information. On viewing your home If the home is in a gated community where many homes may be open every weekend, unadvertised open houses can be a productive way of widening the criteria of buyers.  

Granted, this is a little thing to be sure, but I do a number of "little things" that, when combined, can be the difference in time for selling your home and possibly price your home bit a higher. 

Desert Sun Newspaper
The Saturday Desert Sun Newspaper has been proven to be the best place, by far to place an ad for "open houses". Buyers are accustomed to look at the Friday and/or Saturday Desert Sun Real Estate section to plan their tours for the weekend. Desert Sun ad is about the only publication offering short lead times and the ability to reach your target of open house tour participants. 

Your Home's Own Website
When I list your home, regardless of the price range, I prepare a Web site that provides detailed property information, professional photos, and virtual tours of your home. Buyers can more easily see not only the layout of your home, but small details as well. The large crisp images allow buyers to gain a real sense of your home. 

I provide a link from the Desert Area MLS Web site that sends buyers directly to your property's Web site. Additionally, we put the Web site address in our print ads and literature for your home. This Web site is not a "cookie cutter" site purchased from vendors. I produce the Web sites "in house" designed specifically to showcase your home in the best light possible and are uploaded into your listing for easy access by MLS visitors.  

Flyers, Brochures, and Other Marketing Materials

My Promise to Sellers

My marketing resources are unique, cutting edge, and probably far more extensive than you might imagine. As 85% of potential buyers first look on the Internet in starting their search for a home, it makes sense to use the internet to its full capacity. I weigh the type and quantity of advertising against the scope and type of your property to develop a marketing plan that will expose your property to the maximum number of potential buyers. As not all of the media and methods apply to every home. I analyze your property and call on my 25 years of experience in the Coachella Valley to form a written plan that becomes my promise to you. 

Keeping you informed during the selling process is vital in soliciting your participation in the process of selling your home. 

Before you select a Realtor let me show you what I can do for you. I believe you will be glad you did and pleased with the results. I'm here to guide you through the selling process and to avoid the many issues that can occur in selling your home.

Carol Glasgow
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Vigorously Serving Buyers and Sellers throughout the Coachella Valley
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Presenting your home in its best light is very important. Well designed marketing materials with crisp professional photos goes a long way to set buyer's initial impression of your home. 

Below is a sketch of what I call my "silent salesman". I place these tent cards near features that may be overlooked by other agents when showing your home. The cards prompt the agent to start a conversation about the quality feature.
Vigorously Serving Buyers and Sellers throughout the Coachella Valley
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